• Just Property Management specializes in residential properties including single family homes, townhouses and condominiums within the Northern Virginia area

• Our staff brings over 30 years of property management and real estate experience.

• We are not a real estate company and do not list or sell properties. Our focus is on PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, and leave the choice of real estate agent to you, the home owner. This gives you the freedom to negotiate Realtor fees, terms and marketing strategies to fit your needs. We can, however, provide you with updates of the rental market in your area through resources available to us as an aid in determining your price. We also will make recommendations for repairs to improve the properties ability to rent quickly and for the greatest rental amount possible as well as maintain safety for occupants. We strive to provide the services needed to insure that your property is maintained with the utmost care.

• Our property management functions include collecting rents, providing you with a written monthly accounting statement with copies of invoices for repairs and services, a yearly 1099 and forwarding all net rent proceeds due to you by mail, or, if preferred, direct deposit. We will also pay vendors, including contractors, utilities, taxes, insurance, and mortgages as authorized and requested.

• If you are interested in securing our services, or just want additional information, we will gladly meet with you in order to review all policies and procedures of property management and discuss in your special needs and any concerns you may have.


• If the tenant does not pay rent on time, we will follow all legal procedures at our disposal including sending a late notice, and ordering a sheriff’s notice of non-compliance, should that be necessary, to collect the rent. We will work closely with the tenant through all steps, weighing individual circumstances and keeping you fully informed. Financially, it is usually better if a solution can be worked out. Rarely will eviction be required. If such is the case, you, the owner, will make that final decision.


• We conduct a visual move out/move in inspection of the property with photos at the time you or the current tenant vacates. It will be expected that the property be clean, including professional cleaning of carpeting; free of mold, including tubs and showers; windows washed, all appliances cleaned and operational as intended, and yard and landscaping trimmed and clean of debris.

• We will periodically conduct an inspection of the property to insure smoke detectors are functional and to identify any property-related issues requiring attention.


• For safety, your need to install a SMOKE DETECTOR on all levels as well as a CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR on each bedroom level if your home has heating and or gas appliances.

• All exterior doors should have working locks with 4 sets of keys.

• Prior to a tenant moving in any loose banisters and stairs rails need to be repaired

• Any loose steps need to be repaired prior to tenant move in.

• Tears in carpet or lifted vinyl need to be repaired or replaced to prevent tripping and falls.

• Have all fireplaces and chimneys inspected and cleaned and repaired as needed prior to tenant moving in. The tenant will be required to have the fireplace cleaned and inspected at move out.

• We suggest you replace any older or worn washer hoses with flexible metal hoses to prevent leaking that will damage your property’s flooring. We also suggest you replace older nonmetal dryer vents with a safer metal one and clean the lint filter prior to tenant move-in

• Have dead or dying trees and limbs removed especially if they are close to driveways, decks and areas where children play.

• Dispose of any chemicals, toxic materials, play equipment, grills, lawn equipment or other items that might pose a hazard


• We use licensed vendors and preferred providers for repairs and maintenance, but will gladly use a contractor of your choosing if they are properly licensed and available to do the work. In the case of an emergency, we need to act quickly, and will engage the qualified professional that is available to correct the required repair right away and without delay. We will review all major repair requests with you before proceeding with any non-emergency work on the property. We appreciate that your time is valuable, and, therefore, will not bother you with small maintenance items that may occur from time to time. You will be sent a copy the invoice.

• If you have a home warranty or individual warranty on appliances, we will need a copy of the warranty forms and all contact information in order to use the coverage should a covered maintenance issue arise.

• The home owner needs to have a heating and air conditioning service contract that will provide for semiannual inspections and maintenance as needed on HVAC systems. This is extremely important to insure the HVAC system remains functional in all weather conditions and your property is given priority during any emergency.

• We require the home owner carry all necessary property insurance. We also require your tenant carry insurance coverage for his/her personal belongings kept within the property.

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