It is the mission of Just Property Management to provide every tenant with a pleasant renting experience. The landlord has engaged our services to provide for the maintenance of the property and to provide you, the tenant, with quick and responsive answers to questions you might have about the home. To help answer many of the questions you might have, we have compiled a HANDBOOK for your reference and convenience. If you have questions that are not answered in the HANDBOOK, you may call us during our regular business hours.

CLICK HERE to download the HANDBOOK on to your computer. This file will appear in Downloads in your browser as JPM Manual.pdf.

This Manual is provided for your information and to assist in answering some of the most commonly asked questions.


• LEASE: The lease is a legal contract between a tenant and landlord. Just Property Management is an agent for the landlord acting under an agreement and contract with the landlord, but is not a party to the lease contract.

• PROPERTY MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Collect rents, arrange for necessary maintenance and repairs, inspect the property, and answer questions that may arise regarding the property, maintenance or lease agreement.

• PROPERTY CONDITION: Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the property is leased in an “as-is” condition. That is the condition in which you viewed the property prior to move in and existed at the time of lease signing. Unless in writing, no promises of repairs, improvements or alterations are made by Just Property Management or the Landlord. Any decorating or alterations you wish to make to the property MUST BE APPROVED AND AGREED TO IN WRITING. If any unapproved alterations are made to the property after move-in, you will be charged the cost of restoring the property to its move in condition plus an administrative fee to Just Property Management of $100 for inspection of the restoration.

• KEYS AND MOVE IN: Proof of rental insurance must be provided at the time you receive the keys to the property. All funds for the first month’s rent and security deposit are due at that time. The keys will be provided at our Vienna office by appointment during normal business hours. Any garage door openers and other remotes are usually left at the property site. Tenants are responsible for obtaining any association permits and passes unless otherwise instructed and noted. Condominium and property associations usually ask for a copy of your lease in issuing these passes. Sometimes there is a fee associated with the permits. The Landlord will not be responsible for any amenity, parking, elevator or move in fees outside of the payment of normal monthly association fees assessed on the property. This is the responsibility of the tenant at move in.

• MOVE IN CONDITION REPORT AND INSPECTION: A copy of the pre move in inspection report will be provided to you upon request. You will have 5 days from the time of move in to review the property and provide your own report of any issues you may find relevant. We request that you note any request for repairs on a separate list. Failure to provide a report will constitute acceptance of the property “as is”, and the property management inspection report will be the prevailing document at the time of move-out to determine tenant responsibility for charges to return property to its original condition.

• RENTAL PAYMENT: Monthly rental installments are to be made payable to Just Property Management and are due by the first of each month. Payments received after the fifth of the month will be assessed a 10% late fee per the lease contract. We save postmarked envelopes in our records for any late rents received after the fifth of the month. In addition to a late fee, you may receive a notice and may be reported to a credit agency. Never leave cash payment at the front desk after our business hours. Should your check be returned for any reason, certified funds will be required and you will be assessed an administrative fee of $75. Only a single payment of the total rent due will be accepted from a tenant listed on the lease contract unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

• LOSS OF KEYS AND LOCK OUTS: Should you accidentally lock yourself out of the property during normal business hours, we will lend you a key. The key may be picked up at our office and must be returned within 2 days. If not returned within 2 business days, you will be charged for replacement or rekeying. If the lockout occurs outside of normal business hours, you are responsible for calling a locksmith at your own expense. Should the locks have to be changed, you are responsible to provide Just Property Management with 2 sets of new keys. LOCKS ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION, FOR ANY REASON OTHER THAN ACCIDENTAL LOCK OUT. PLEASE NOTE THAT 2 SETS OF KEYS MUST BE PROVIDED TO MANAGEMENT OR YOU WILL BE ASSESSED THE COST OF NEW LOCKS AND/OR KEYS.

• MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR REQUESTS: You may make a request for maintenance or a repair in writing by mailing us at our business address or e-mailing us at In addition to requests for maintenance and repairs, seasonal heating and cooling inspections are scheduled in the Fall and Spring. You will be notified of the inspection and every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule. None of the contractors used are staff of Just Property Management, therefore we do not control their schedules, service availability or exact arrival time. You will be provided with the name and contact information for the contractor, technician, or service provider. Once an agreed date and time has been set, it will be your responsibility to contact the service provider directly to confirm their arrival time. Again, these are not staff contractors and we do not make or control their schedules. If it is necessary to re schedule the service appointment with the provider, we request that you notify us in writing at least 48 hours in advance to arrange for rescheduling of the appointment and avoid a charge by the service provider. You may also call the service provider directly and make the necessary arrangements to reschedule the appointment. In that case we do ask that you notify Just Property Management, in writing, of the new date and time for our records. Should you fail to meet a scheduled service appointment that has been approved and timed to meet your availably, you will be charged for any missed appointment fee assessed by the service provider. IT IS OUR POLICY TO MAKE EVERY REASONALBLE EFFORT TO ACCOMMEDATE YOUR SCHEDULE. IT IS NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO SCHEDULE SERVICE OR A REPAIR ON THE SAME DAY REQUESTED. EVERY EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO SCHEDULE A REPAIR WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ANY REPAIR CONSIDERED AN EMERGENCY SUCH AS NO HEAT DURING WINTER MONTHS. Not all repairs are considered EMERGENCY and will be scheduled for service as soon as possible and within the normal service hours of the provider. Some landlords have a prepaid warranty plan that requires us to schedule service and repairs through that specific company. There is a deductible fee that must be paid at the time of service (usually $75 - $100). We ask that you pay this deductible and submit the receipt to Just Property Management for reimbursement. By agreeing to a repair or service (in writing) it is understood that you are granting permission to enter the property to make such repair. Keys will be given to the service provider with your written authorization. Your feedback on the quality of service is welcome and helps us in our future selection of service providers.


• ELECTRIC: If you should notice any sparking from an appliance, fixture or wall socket, turn off the appliance or light fixture immediately and shut off the circuit breaker supplying electricity to the appliance, fixture or wall socket. Call Just Property Management to schedule a repair.

• GAS APPLIANCES OR EQUIPMENT: Should you detect the odor of gas, call the GAS COMPANY IMMEDIATELY AND GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Should you notice a yellow flame, rather than blue, coming from the furnace pilot light or hot water heater, this could indicate the appliance is not operating correctly and may be emitting carbon monoxide. Ventilate the area immediately and call the Gas Company or Just Property Management to have the unit checked out. Should a burner on the stove not light, there may be a blockage in the burner unit. Turn the burner to an off position and check for anything that may be blocking. If nothing is found that can be removed, call Just Property Management for repair. The Gas Company can provide you with an informational booklet on gas safety. Call them directly for a copy to be sent to you.

• OIL APPLIANCES OR EQUIPMENT: If you have an oil furnace and experience no heat, check the circuit breaker box for power to the unit, check that the emergency shut off switch is in the ON position, and check the oil tank fuel level. This also applies to a nonfunctioning hot water heaters or appliances requiring oil fuel. If you cannot restore service, call Just Property Management for repair. Just Property Management is not responsible for the cost of refilling an oil tank or any deposit required by the oil company at the time of filling.

• CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS: You should have a Carbon Monoxide Detector on bedroom levels if the property has any gas appliance, heating, or fireplace. If there is not one and the property has a gas furnace, stove, hot water heater, and/or fireplace. Purchase one, send in the receipt, and you will be reimbursed for the cost. Detectors plug in to an electrical socket and are easy to install.

• SMOKE DETECTORS: There should be at least one smoke detector on each level of the property. If there is not one on each level, call Just Property Management. You are responsible for replacing the batteries in the unit as needed.

• LOCK: Periodically check that all door locks are functioning and engaging properly.

• HEATING SYSTEMS: Before calling Just Property Management for service, check to make sure the thermostat control is set properly, circuit breakers are set correctly, the service panel to the blower unit is closed and secure (the blower will not operate if the panel is not secured), the filter is installed and positioned properly, and, if a gas furnace, check that the gas service has not been interrupted or shut off (you might be able to make this determination by turning on a gas stove or fireplace). If the gas service has been interrupted, call the Gas Company. If you are unable to restore the functioning of the furnace, call Just Property Management. If the service interruption occurs during a cold winter month, it will be considered an emergency and every effort will be made to restore service quickly.

• FIRE: If there is fire in the premises, evacuate the property right away and call the fire department or 911 immediately (not JPM). It is a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher available on the premises. Once the emergency is over contact Just Property Management to advise us of the problem.

• WATER: If water is running on floors or through ceilings from any appliance, pipe or plumbing fixture, shut off the valve to the appliance or fixture, and/or shut off the main valve to the property. Call Just Property Management.

• ROOF LEAKS OR WIND DAMAGE: Call Just Property Management

• AIR CONDITIONING INTERUPTION AND APPLIANCE NOT FUNCTIONING: Will be handled the next business day. Although inconvenient, air conditioning interruption is not considered an emergency.


• FURNACE AREA: Keep the area free of dust and debris. It is not intended to be used as a storage area.

• FURNACE: Change the furnace filter every 2 months. If you have an electronic air filter, clean and change every 2 months.

• AIR CONDITIONING: Never set the thermostat below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Air conditioning systems can only lower the inside temperature from that of the outside 10 to 15 degrees. Turning the thermostat lower can cause the air conditioning unit to malfunction and result in icing of the unit. Remember to replace filters every 2 months.

• EXTERIOR BASEMENT STAIRWELLS: Keep the drain clean of leaves and other debris to allow free flow of water down the drain and away from door entry. This is especially critical in the Fall.

• GUTTERS, DOWNSPOUTS AND DRAINS: Keep free of leaves and other debris. You are responsible to have gutters cleaned annually.

• EXTERIOR AND YARD: Tenant is responsible to keep lawns mowed and bushes trimmed within the property boundaries. During the warm months, water the lawn and plants as needed to prevent them from browning and drying/dying out. Apply fertilizer and weed prevention as needed.

• WINDOWS: Close and latch when you leave the home, even for a short period of time. Sudden rain and wind storms are not uncommon.

• SCREENS AND STORM WINDOWS: Take down and store when not required.

• PIPES: During the cold months, use precautions to prevent freezing of interior and exterior water pipes. Make sure heat is not turned off when you are absent from the property. Close interior water shut-off valves that supply outside faucets. Remove all garden hoses. Open the outside faucets and drain the pipes of water. Leave the faucet in an open position. Water expands when frozen and can back up into the house rupturing the pipes if the exterior valves are not kept in an open position. If you have pipes running through any closet or cabinets that are against an outside wall, open the cabinet/closet doors to allow heat to circulate and prevent pipes from freezing in cold months.

• LIGHT BULBS: You are responsible for replacing any burned out bulbs.

• ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For any additional questions or information, please refer to paragraph 10 of the deed of lease or call us during normal business hours.

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